1 thought on “Global Risk Warning

  1. As the old song says, “You got the right string, baby, but the wrong yo-yo.” Neither the frequency nor the intensity of any of our natural disasters – whether related to climate or not – is increasing. So Glasser’s claim that climate change will make things worse is suspect. But I think he’s right that future disasters will get worse, and certainly more expensive. I can’t see much if any impact of climate change but what we all can see are the cascading consequences of climatic events caused by increasing complexity.

    Butterfly effects (minor perturbations leading to major impacts) are only felt when a dynamic system becomes so complex, so entangled, so non-linear that its behavior becomes chaotic. The more complex a system becomes, the wider the impacts of even a small event. And please take note that “complex” does not necessarily mean “big.” Complexity is our enemy in a crisis, not big-ness. Thus, we should look for ways to make our communities and our lives less complex, minimizing interdependencies, maximizing self-reliance.

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