Digital Libraries

The Diva is a big fan of libraries and librarians!  For those new to the field of emergency management, here are 3 of the many excellent sources of information available to you. The Diva wants to be sure that newcomers are aware of these library resources:

  1. The Learning Center at FEMA’s National Emergency Training Center. At the recent Higher Education in Emergency Management Symposium, Librarian Ed Metz and other EMI staffers led a tour of the library and its resources. It is a great place, located on the EMI campus in Emmitsburg, MD and online too, at this URL.
  2. Natural Hazards Center Collection. This is a joint project of the USF Libraries Special & Digital Collections and The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Research Library. This is the direct URL. 
  3. The Disaster Research Center at the Univ. of Delaware. More information about the Quarantelli Research Collection is at this URL Librarian: Ms Pat Young.

Update on June 17. Thanks to Bill Cumming for this direct link to some of the essential Emergency Management Reference documents on this page of the FEMA website.

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