Digital Libraries

The Diva is a big fan of libraries and librarians!  For those new to the field of emergency management, here are 3 of the many excellent sources of information available to you. The Diva wants to be sure that newcomers are aware of these library resources:

  1. The Learning Center at FEMA’s National Emergency Training Center. At the recent Higher Education in Emergency Management Symposium, Librarian Ed Metz and other EMI staffers led a tour of the library and its resources. It is a great place, located on the EMI campus in Emmitsburg, MD and online too, at this URL.
  2. The Hazards Center at the University of Colorado/Boulder. The online catalog is called HazLib and this is the direct URL.  Librarian: Wanda Headley.

  3. The Disaster Research Center at the Univ. of Delaware. More information about the Quarantelli Research Collection is at this URL Librarian: Ms Pat Young.

Update on June 17. Thanks to Bill Cumming for this direct link to some of the essential Emergency Management Reference documents on this page of the FEMA website.

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