“Can New York Be Saved in the Era of Global Warming”

From Rolling Stone, this article about global warming and its effect on NYC. “The future of America’s greatest city is at risk.”


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3 Responses to “Can New York Be Saved in the Era of Global Warming”

  1. Vicki Campbell says:

    There’s “scare-mongering” that is based on nothing more than sheer ideology, and then there’s scare-mongering based on the facts, good science, and solid, extensive ongoing observation and analysis. It is only the latter that I was taught good hazard analysis, mitigation and preparedness should be based on.

  2. recoverydiva says:

    Recovery efforts from Sandy are still underway. How to provide temporary and permanent replacement housing have been big issues.

  3. plodinec says:

    More scare-mongering from the media.

    A much more immediate question is how long NYC will retain the HQs of so many large companies given the staggeringly high tax rates, and the over-regulation from both City Hall and Albany? If it doesn’t retain them, sea level rise won’t matter. And, oh yeah, NYC is way too expensive a place to live for many who work there…

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