Louisiana Is Begging for Attention – an update

This is one of several articles about the lack of national attention to the extreme flooding in LA. I got confirmation of this concern from a friend working on the disaster in LA. The Diva wants to clarify the call  for more attention, although she is dependent on secondary sources.

See: America Is Ignoring Another Natural Disaster Near the Gulf. “Southern Louisiana is drowning again. No one seems to care.”

I do give Craig Fugate, FEMA, and DHS credit for trying hard to help. Both Fuguate and the DHS Secretary have gone to visit LA.

Update on August 19: According to CNN, some folks in LA said President Obama should  cut short his vacation and pay attention to their plight.

Last night Gov. Edwards of LA was on TV. When asked his opinion re the President’s visit, he said he was welcome anytime, but that he asked the President to wait a week or two so that he would not have to divert some many resources to preparing for his visit and security. Edwards said he was satisfied with FEMA’s assistance, but was disappointed in the lack of media coverage. The latter is essential for donations to charities, like the Red Cross, which the state desperately needs to help the victims.

Today I see that president candidate Donald Trump is planning to visit the disaster area. Big question about what good that will do for the flood victims.

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