In Memoriam: Roy Popkin

Roy Popkin was a wonderful and remarkable man who made great contributions to the field of emergency management. He and I were friends and colleagues for more than 30 years. Here are some details of his life, from information provided by his family.

Roy’s Red Cross
efforts that began in Brooklyn, NY grew to vast responsibilities as National Deputy Director of Disaster Services. From that post, his duties benefited people ranging from flood victims in Alaska, clergy and participants in the March to Selma and families of Cuban political prisoners exchanged for US medical supplies provided by the American Red Cross. Roy retired from the Red Cross in 1982.

He then gained a new assignment working part time in Communications Administration Department of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Senior Environmental Employee (SEE.) He revised or re-wrote information that ensured readers could readily understand EPA regulations and other information. After working at the EPA for 23 years, he retired in 2007. Roy authored several books and short stories.

A memorial service is scheduled for January 8, 2017 in Silver Spring, MD

Contact me if you want his wife’s address or email so you can send a card or note. Feel free to add your comments about Roy and his work to this posting.



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