A Note from the Diva at Year End

I took a quick look at some of the statistics for this blog during 2016. The total number of hits on the various postings was almost 28,000, which is about a 10% increase over 2015. And the number of postings to date, for the more than six years I have maintained the blog, is slightly more than 2,000. (There were more, but those that were out-of-date have been removed.) That is a lot of work for one person, if I do say so myself!

Since many of the things I have worked for over my working lifetime — including environmental quality, better emergency management at all levels of government, and attention to sea level rise and global change — may be in jeopardy in the coming years, I plan to continue to do my best to provide real facts and real science results to help advance progress in those fields. It would truly be a pity to lose knowledge and capacity that were hard-earned over many years.

So, if you share my concerns, please continue to read and comment on postings. And better yet please send in a donation to help the Diva hire occasional helpers.

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