Update on Personal Preparedness – recommendations for and after the Women’s March in D.C. – Jan. 2017

Updates on  Jan. 22– I made some updates on the Go Bag from actual march experience.

For the Women’s March on Washington (Jan 21) the Diva put together a list of what to wear and carry for a potentially cold day in the outdoors. With the help of some friends, also in the emergency preparedness business, she created a one-page list for a Go Bag  The link to it is here: gobag-revised2017 It now includes some changes made from experience at the march.

Some march-specific instruction, provided by the march organizers included the following:

All backpacks and bags may be subject to search at the March, and those not conforming to the standards set here may be confiscated or asked to be left behind. Backpacks are not permitted unless they are clear and no larger than 17″x12″x6″ (colored transparent bags are not permitted).

  • Bags/totes/purses for small personal items should be no larger than 8”x6”x4”.
  • Specifically for people who would like to bring meals, each marcher is permitted one additional 12”x12”x6” plastic or gallon bag.
  • For marchers who have medical needs or for mothers who need baby bags or breast pumps, please ensure that your supplies fit into the above clear backpack. You can have one backpack per individual in your group, as long as they abide by the above guidelines.
  • If you are a member of the press, covering the event officially, and have equipment that will not fit into bags of the above dimensions: please contact the National Communications Team to get press credentials in advance in order for your equipment to be allowed into the rally site.
  • Do not bring anything that can be construed as a weapon, including signage with any kind of handle (e.g. a sharpened wooden stick). We recommend also checking with your bus company if your bus will be secured during the march and if you can leave larger belongings in the bus, rather than carrying them all day.
  • As of Jan. 18th, I see that whistles and umbrellas will not be allowed.
  • As of Jan. 20th, I see advice to bring cash (faster purchases) and bring an I.D. card.

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