1 thought on “Remain in Place or Relocate – the example of Princeville, N.C.

  1. Being impacted by Superstorm Sandy, I can understand the challenges being faced by this community along with the suffering of it’s residents. While the town appears to be in a flood prone area, there are certain flood mitigation practices that can be used to preserve the community, including constructing a suitable levy capable of protecting the town. Disappointed in the city manager’s comment regarding FEMA’s treatment of white communities versus black communities. That type of statement is counterproductive and does not advance the cause of the community. While I have many issues regarding the performance of FEMA, I have NEVER encountered FEMA personnel engaging in any discriminatory conduct. Instead of pointing fingers, the city manager, armed with the independent engineering study on the flooding event, should be preparing a compelling case for FEMA on why the community should be rebuilt. The town must go to FEMA with a viable plan of action on why the community should remain in it’s present location. Further, while the town participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, it appears they are not part of the Community Rating System (CRS) Program. In return for FEMA funding, the town should participate in the CRS program in order to demonstrate their commitment to enhance the flood resiliency of the community. Princeville needs to stay strong and work closely with their state and federal legislators to convince FEMA that their community is worthy of the investment of recovery.

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