Building Standards and Recovery

The Diva is not familiar with the source of this article, but she does know one of the authors. This would seem to be credible information. She welcomes comments from those more familiar with building codes.

FEMA Requires Compliance with National Standard Building Codes for Restoration of Facilities Funded Through Public Assistance Grant Program. An excerpt:

Several recent disasters will test the practical implications of a policy update released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) late last year. In issuing Recovery Policy FP-104-009-4, FEMA envisions that integration of nationally recognized consensus-based building codes and standards into requirements governing its Public Assistance Program activities will protect lives and property by increasing the safety and risk reduction capabilities of buildings restored with these funds and also support the efficient use of federal dollars. All will now watch to see how the new policy will impact recovery operations and if FEMA’s goals will be realized.

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