Today is Our 7th Anniversary

According to Word Press, this blog is now 7 years old.  If you read it and like it, please make a donation to help the Diva keep it going.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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6 Responses to Today is Our 7th Anniversary

  1. ericholdeman says:


    Congrats on the anniversary! As you probably know, people start out with good intentions about blogging and then those fade quickly over time. Seven years is a good long run.

    Best wishes. I always like your stuff!


    Eric E. Holdeman
    Eric Holdeman Associates

  2. Congratulations!

    I don’t comment here much, but I do enjoy reading your posts and have found some interesting and useful information here.

  3. Frances Moore says:

    Amazing how time flies when you are having fun! All kidding aside, you have done a wonderful with this blog and it is serving the disaster management business well. Congratulation! Keep up the good work — Press on!

  4. Chris Jones says:


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