Sea Level Rise in LA

Louisiana wetlands threatened by with sea-level rise four times the global average
Without major efforts to rebuild Louisiana’s wetlands, particularly in the westernmost part of the state, there is little chance that the coast will be able to withstand the accelerating rate of sea-level rise, a new study concludes. The study shows that the rate of sea-level rise in the region over the past six to ten years amounts to half an inch per year on average.

1 thought on “Sea Level Rise in LA

  1. I wish people would more accurately describe what we’re seeing in LA. The sea level is actually rising about 3 mm a year; the land is subsiding at about 10 mm per year. And how will the wetlands prevent subsidence? Maybe we can pump all of the hot air around climate change into the salt domes. As the Piano Red said, “You’ve got the right string, baby, but the wrong yo-yo!”

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