Gap Year Studies for Retirees

This has nothing to to do with emergency management, but the Diva thinks it would be great if some successful business executives would consider it as a line of work or volunteer activity.

Stanford’s New Freshman Class Is for Successful Retirees; A gap year for  60-somethings, at $65,000 a head.

Stanford University’s Distinguished Careers Institute, a yearlong program for executives and professionals mostly in their 50s and 60s who were grappling with what to do after ending successful careers. In January 2016 he began attending classes and seminars at one of America’s most selective universities as part of a group of 25 DCI fellows, each of whom paid $65,000 for the privilege. “I’m a closet nerd and always wanted to go back to school and learn new things, plus I got to be with people my age who want nothing to do with retirement,” he says. “We were all in exploration mode, trying to figure out what we wanted to do next, and we had the chance to share that journey.”

Update:  Even on a Saturday I got two readers who like this idea. I wish one of the State Universities that already teaches EM would create a program like this and interest active retirees in the field.

2 thoughts on “Gap Year Studies for Retirees

  1. Hi Claire, I continue to enjoy your daily updates; I agree with you re the potential value of this “alternate retirement plan path”, though the price tag is a bit stiff; would be nice if some combination of EdX type online courses mixed with social interaction could be effective.

    BTW we’ve just sent an AHV assessment team into Peru, got approval for a first phase of a long-term recovery effort in Louisiana, and are going strong with our school building project in Nepal…

  2. I like this concept. I have toyed with the idea of going back to school and studying anthropology and archaeology for several years. My other dream is opening a used book store and tea shop. What I think we really need is something like Morehouse’s Praxis Program for mature adults to take advantage of life skills, expertise and zeal for living. It is a shame for good minds to go to waste due to boredom, lack of opportunity and open doors. I don’t believe we are supposed to retire but it is good to move to and try new things.

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