Planned Relocation

Managed retreat: Relocating communities to get them out of harm’s way.

More frequent extreme weather events put certain regions in the cross hairs of risks such as coastal flooding, heavy rain, and erosion. There is an obvious, but controversial, solution: relocating communities from vulnerable to safer areas. Based on examples from around the world, researchers chart the landscape for whether and how to implement the strategy of managed retreat – and how, with the minimum disruption possible, relocate or abandon development in the face of extreme weather risk.

Update on March 31: See comments section for some recommended citations on relocation efforts in Australia.

4 thoughts on “Planned Relocation

  1. Sure. She is currently working for the Australian Gov’t.

    Here are two refs:

    Claudianos, Paula. “Out of Harm’s Way; Preventive Resettlement of at Risk Informal Settlers in Highly Disaster Prone Areas.” Procedia Economics and Finance 18 (2014): 312-319.

    Claudianos, Paula. “The influence of the social dimension in planned relocation outcomes.” 5th International Conference on Building Resilience. 2015.

  2. I would be at fault if I didn’t call people’s attention to the excellent work of Dr. Paula Claudianos on the same topic. As Americans, we often think that nothing has been done if we haven’t done it – I first became aware of Paula’s excellent work in this area in 2014. She is an Australian researcher whom I greatly respect.

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