“Disaster in the Time of Trump”

This article may annoy some of my readers, but i think it is worth considering how important it is to consider the trust factor for government leaders when you want citizens to act.

Disaster in the Time of Trump; The public’s mistrust of President Trump might be especially dangerous in a catastrophe rooted in science — like an asteroid, nuclear spill, volcanic eruption, or the next Ebola.

3 thoughts on ““Disaster in the Time of Trump”

  1. The recent warning to Americans about travel n Europe is a case in point. We don’t know whether the warning was initiated by career State Department officials or by Trump appointees who may know little or nothing about the risk of terrorism. Credibility is crucial and it is not automatic.

  2. I think they key figure who most needs to have credibility during a crisis may be the senior government official rather than the President himself. Regardless of whether you liked or trusted Clinton, James Witt had strong credibility as FEMA Director. And regardless of whether you liked or trusted Bush, Michael Brown had no little or no credibility. Appointees matter.

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