Excellent Analysis and Recommendations for Needed Recovery Improvements

The Diva was very impressed with this new 53 page paper titled Rebuild the Plane Now: Recommendations for Improving Governments’ Approach to Disaster Recovery and Preparedness. The author is Holly Leicht, former Regional Administrator (Region I) of  HUD.

It is well written – – clearly she has been on the front lines of federal recovery efforts, and she provides 41 specific recommendations for improvements. Please share this report with those in a position to effect changes in recovery policies and practices.

Update: be sure to read the comments below, including some from the author.


3 thoughts on “Excellent Analysis and Recommendations for Needed Recovery Improvements

  1. Thank you for posting my report and spreading the word about the recommendations. I’d like to get this paper in the hands of as many people in Congress and at federal agencies as possible, as well as state and local officials. JerseyShoreDave, I appreciate and agree with your comments. Regarding NFIP, the layers of problems go deep, as you know, and while I had some involvement with it, I did not delve into it more in my paper because there are others with much more expertise in it than I, but there are clearly difficult policy questions about its goals, administration and future viability that need to be broadly considered and debated before Congress votes on reauthorization. It is not sustainable in its current guise.

  2. Very comprehensive report especially from the federal government’s perspective. Some of the recommendations pertaining to the federal government’s role in recovery are shocking, particularly those dealing with communication. Hopefully this report will have a positive impact with those in leadership roles. A few additional comments:

    1. Until FEMA takes seriously the lesson of the past and applies them to future operations, their services will be marginal at best. Their field personnel must have a strong understanding of their role in the disaster process in addition to developing a sense of urgency with recovery work.

    2. While the New Jersey RREM program might be better than it’s counterparts in other states, it still had many shortcomings. I know as I am participating in the program.

    3. Local government is by far the most accountable level of government and has been incorporating readiness standards and resiliency into their capital projects and infrastructure work long before it became fashionable recently with the climate change crowd.

    4. Would be interested in the author’s thoughts regarding the role of flood insurance and it’s effect on meaningful recovery efforts. While briefly mentioned, would like an expanded discussion of how flood insurance impacts recovery.

    Perhaps if more federal employees engaged in emergency management had the motivation and understanding of the process like the author does the federal government would be able to contribute more effectively in recovery efforts. Outstanding report.

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