In Defense of the Chemical Safety Board

From the NY Times: A Dangerous Idea: Eliminating the Chemical Safety Board

If the board is abolished, hundreds of thousands of people who live near chemical factories and refineries will be at greater risk. I came to appreciate the board five years ago, when its experts came here to my hometown to investigate a huge fire at the Chevron refinery at the end of my street.

2 thoughts on “In Defense of the Chemical Safety Board

  1. The Diva and John agree on this one. Having worked for the EPA, she is familiar with the work of the Board. Like the NTSB, this type of review board is a worthy federal investment. Both have been cited as a model for a board that would review responses to natural disasters.

  2. I completely agree. The Board’s investigation of the contamination of the Freedom Industries’ spill is an excellent example of the quality of their work. If they can be kept no-political they in time will become as valuable as the NTSB.

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