Three Reactions to Latest Climate Report – as of August 8

  1. NY Times published the draft climate report to bypass President Trump if he does not  release it publicly and seemingly to gain support for the findings. The report is  573 pages.
  2. Another account of the same report, the draft of which has been released by at least two sources, from Bloomberg News.
  3. An article by a cartoonist and satirist re the EPA Administrator’s take on the climate issue.  

Update/Correction on August 10:  The Wash. Post criticized the NYTimes article noted above.

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3 Responses to Three Reactions to Latest Climate Report – as of August 8

  1. plodinec says:

    The headline and the article highlight how both sides are talking past each other. The report documents that climate change is happening – true. Trump (and others) are saying that the human contribution to these changes is uncertain – also true. Neither contradicts the other.

  2. recoverydiva says:

    I thought only the Times had the draft report. I changed the wording to hopefully be more accurate. Thanks for the info.

  3. Rob Dale says:

    I’m not sure I understand your comment about “burying” it? It’s been public for months (March 2017 as I recall was the release date.) The National Academies of Science posted its review of the report a while ago too.

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