What’s Next with Harvey?

It has been obvious to the Diva for days that the next big concern is housing — temporary and permanent.  Plus the need for housing repairs will be staggering.

So far, I have not seen or heard from Sec. Ben Carson of HUD.  After Superstorm Sandy, the Sec. of HUD, Shawn Donovan, was very active and he led a high level federal team called the Sandy Recovery Task Force. I wonder if that action will happen again? [Note that the Task Force was created by Pres. Obama via an executive order.]

The former FEMA Administrator offered his assessment in this article: What’s next with Harvey? “Housing” says ex-FEMA head Craig Fugate

2 thoughts on “What’s Next with Harvey?

  1. HUD Secretary Ben Carson accompanied President Trump to Texas this week. In addition, there was a rather good article in USA Today recently discussing the housing challenges associated with Harvey so the federal government seems to be very aware of the need to house storm victims.

    A “high level” federal task force and a highly active cabinet official did not translate into a successful housing program for Sandy. Superstorm Sandy took place a couple of weeks prior to the 2012 presidential election and promises made leading up to the election often times were never followed through.

    In the accompanying article the former FEMA administrator seems to be drastically underestimating the cost of the manufactured mobile homes. Numerous accounts have the cost of these units in the $150,000 range, well above the cost of these units in the private sector.

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