Praise for FEMA – so far

See this editorial from the WashPost on Sept. 1: FEMA avoids disaster in Houston — so far.

Another article praising the progress FEMA has made in recent years, in Reuters.

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6 Responses to Praise for FEMA – so far

  1. Harry Kellogg says:

    Excellent news!

  2. ericholdeman says:

    Thanks Claire. I used this.

    The real test is coming!

    Eric E. Holdeman
    Eric Holdeman & Associates

  3. recoverydiva says:

    Just want to mention that a lot of other organizations, such as the American Red Cross, Team Rubicon, and many philanthropic organizations would be involved also.

  4. JerseyShoreDave says:

    Always beneficial to get a good start with storm efforts. Building trust with those impacted by the disaster helps with recovery work. Been impressed with FEMA Administrator Brock Long. Saying all the right things and seems to have a firm understanding of the tremendous scope of this disaster.

    Still concerned with the long run and in particular the reservists program. Without sufficient numbers of well trained and experienced FEMA personnel on the ground, recovery will be a struggle.

    Regardless, for now, it appears that with a new sheriff in town things are going in the right direction.

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