Texans Conflicted re Federal Aid

From the NYTimes: In Texas, Distrust of Washington Collides With Need for Federal Aid.

As a taxpayer I am conflicted also – note that the article mentions that the state has a sizeable rainy day fund, but does not intend to spend it on hurricane relief and recovery. Here is the exact quote:

Texas has its own “rainy day fund” estimated at $10 billion, but Mr. Abbott said on Friday that he had no plans to call a special legislative session, which would be required to tap the fund

1 thought on “Texans Conflicted re Federal Aid

  1. I see no problem here … the 10 billion in the rainy day fund can be used to help cover the state’s portion of the cost of the storm. Historically with public assistance work, FEMA pays for 75% of the cost of the work with state/local governments paying for the balance.

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