New Emphasis: Relocation from Coasts

Harvey and Irma are the new normal. It’s time to move away from the coasts. Climate change is rendering once idyllic lands inhospitable to life.

If we’re going to adapt to climate change without loss of life and unnecessary financial hardship in Harvey- and Irma-like storms, federal, state and local governments need to start financing and encouraging relocation.

3 thoughts on “New Emphasis: Relocation from Coasts

  1. I agree with the idea of moving away from the coast. I strongly disagree that the taxpayers should pay for it, esp. because a large proportion of the homes in question belong to yankees, er, are second homes of the affluent.

    More seriously, it’s way too easy for those of us not living there to say, “Move, you fools.” We risk destroying communities that have been there for decades, and losing the cohesion and sense of belonging that those communities foster. If we need government encouragement, it’s more along the lines of build back better so you won’t have to do it again.

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