The Need for Government Action

Harvey spells it out: markets alone won’t protect you, by Joseph Stiglitz

It is ironic, of course, that an event so related to climate change would occur in a state that is home to so many climate-change deniers – and where the economy depends so heavily on the fossil fuels that drive global warming.

Here is an article on a related topic: A year before Harvey, Houston-area flood control chief saw no “looming issues”

2 thoughts on “The Need for Government Action

  1. No flood control system is designed to handle upwards of 50″ of rain so this notion that if there was better planning that flooding would have been minimized is rather silly. However, to deny or refuse to acknowledge that development increases the impact of flooding is equally as silly.

    What this hurricane season has highlighted is the benefits of planning and designing smart along with building strong. Hopefully that approach will be used with the recovery efforts of Harvey, Irma and Maria.

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