Issues At Local OEM in Puerto Rico

This article from the WSJ lays the blame for the logistical mess on the local office of emergency management, which it refers to as the local FEMA. See: FEMA’s Foul-Up in Puerto Rico. “The emergency plan depended on generators but diesel was not delivered.”

Apparently the author is referring to either the The Municipal Emergency and Disaster Management Office, which includes San Juan, or the Puerto Rico State Agency for Emergency and Disaster Management. I cannot tell which from the article.

Update:  I just read over some of the nearly 450 comments on the above article, and it is clear most of those responding do not understand our federal system and that there are 3 tiers of emergency management.  It remains unclear to me where the author of this article is pointing blame.

1 thought on “Issues At Local OEM in Puerto Rico

  1. Poorly written article especially considering it is in the Wall Street Journal. Very difficult to read and understand as it jumps from one topic to another with no real focus. Obvious the author is not familiar at all with emergency management and appears to believe all emergency workers are somehow connected to FEMA. Not sure what the author means by the local FEMA office … is it the JFO which is FEMA or the state or San Juan city Office of Emergency Management? Really impossible to determine.

    President Trump will be on the island tomorrow. Should prove to be an interesting visit and hopefully the President and the Mayor of San Juan will be able to meet and call a truce so that all attention can be focused on recovery efforts. Must say FEMA has risen to the occasion with these disasters, however, recovery is a long term endeavor so while the jury is still out on their performance, they are off to an excellent start.

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