Bravo for the Bureaucrats

I know some readers will not like this news, but I just report it. I do not create it. The Diva was a federal bureaucrat for many years and worked as a consultant or contractor for several federal agencies. While I have to say I suspected this response would happen,  I am quite intrigued with the details of how it happens.

From Bloomberg News: Washington Bureaucrats are Chipping Away at Trump Agenda.

Update: Be sure to check out the interesting comments below.

7 thoughts on “Bravo for the Bureaucrats

  1. It is against my religion to do everything this administration asks. And if that argument is good enough for the Justice Department on other matters, it should be good enough for bureaucratic conscience as well. I am not saying break laws, I am saying there is a lot of discretion given to agencies and employees in how day-to-day work is carried out. Sometimes political appointees try to make their own rules, and this is more dangerous than a bureaucrat exercising proper discretion regarding science and fact. Our loyalty is to the country and the Constitution, not to a political hack.

  2. BTW, I am not in complete disagreement with Jersey Shore Dave. If you are a Federal employee, you must obey the law. But the issue I ran into often was the political bosses implying something, but not clearly requiring it, and expecting the bureaucrats to nudge-nudge wink-wink go along with it. In those cases, as in the example I gave in my previous comment, I always tried to pin the boss down and get clarification. Are these words (the HHS example) prohibited or not? If they are prohibited, then please say so, and please name the person who prohibited them. If not, then I’ll use them. Follow the law, but don’t be afraid to ask the boss exactly what that law is. In other cases, when I found the bosses appearing to break the law, misuse taxpayer funds for their personal gain, or endanger the public, I didn’t hesitate to report them to the IG, to Congress, to the US Special Counsel, or other authorized bodies, as well as to the news media if that’s what it took to get the situation addressed. Civil servants aren’t above the law, but neither are political appointees.

  3. In any other line of business, these individuals would have been terminated on the spot and promptly escorted off the property. However, in the FEDERAL government, in some bizarre manner you earn a badge of courage for engaging in conduct unbecoming of a public employee. What gives the right of these bureaucrats to impose their will over that of the American people. This is a very slippery slope when individual employees, who are not elected, decide what is best for the country and disregard direction from their superiors. Imagine the utter chaos if the United States military decided to ignore orders simply because they disagreed or did not like them.

    Elections have consequences and as a federal employee, if you disagree with the vision of the current administration, then resign. This happens everyday in both the private sector and the public sector at the local government level. I fail to understand why federal bureaucrats feel that they are privileged and entitled to determine what is best for the country. There is a huge difference between actions that are illegal versus those actions that might not be consistent with your personal beliefs. If you are instructed to do something illegal, refuse to follow that direction and use every avenue of recourse to support and defend your position. I have no problem with that. However, if you are instructed to perform a task that is legal but inconsistent with your beliefs, then the choice is rather straight forward; either follow your instructions or resign. Charting your own course is not an option.

  4. p.s. Almost forgot…if you’re a Federal employee, join your union if the agency has one, and if not then try forming one. Being a union member saved me from the baddies more than once. (Leo Bosner, retired president, AFGE Local 4060, FEMA HQ.)

  5. Some good news at last! Hang in there Feds…you serve the American people, and as long as you “keep it legal,” you are our bulwark against the extremism and untruths that currently come from the top of our government. When something like “Avoid using these words” comes out (as occurred recently), ask for clarification…in writing. Are these words prohibited, yes or no? As long as it’s not officially classified information, copy things to your home computer and/or your private email so you won’t lose them. Reach out to allies, as long as you do it after work on your own time. If you talk to the news media, always preface your remarks with, “This is not official policy, I’m speaking my own personal opinions only, not representing my agency.” Watch for opportunities to catch the bad guys off base, and report them to authorities outside your agency. Be sure you document all your moves, be very careful what you sign your name to, and keep the faith. It can be an uphill fight, as all good fights are. We’re counting on you.

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