Update on Puerto Rico

FEMA chief: Puerto Rico still in emergency response mode. Hopes to achieve 95 percent power by end of March

Nearly four months after two hurricanes hit this island, the chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s operations in Puerto Rico says he has never before had to continue emergency relief efforts like delivering food, water and temporary roofing so long after a natural disaster.

“So this far into a disaster in my experience, at least in the last 20 years, we never do that, we’re never — the food and water would have stopped weeks ago. But we can’t, and one of the driving factors for that is power,” Michael Byrne, an acting regional administrator for FEMA, told The Washington Times.

1 thought on “Update on Puerto Rico

  1. My son returned from Puerto Rico after 2 plus months of doing FEMA work. HE said there is basically no wild life there. He saw 5 parrots grouped together the first day he was there, and nothing since. He told me the only animal type life he saw after the parrots were dogs and spiders.

    He didn’t work for the last 10 days he was there, while living in a house with no electricity. He said there is a problem with a couple billion dollars of recovery matter. Their boss stopped being paid, they stopped working, and came home 10 days later.

    He told me the only area of Puerto Rico he saw power was in San Juan.

    There s your March 2018 update.

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