Pending Budget Cuts to USGS Very Serious

Article the Verve (a tech source I am not familiar with): How Trump’s 2019 budget would leave us vulnerable to natural disasters. ‘This admin’s approach to science is ass-backwards.’

The tone is strident, but the details about the science contribution of USGS is worth considering.

3 thoughts on “Pending Budget Cuts to USGS Very Serious

  1. The plan of attack being used by those who oppose the President’s agenda seems to consist of simply calling him and his administration a few choice words and then predict “end of the world” scenarios if funding is not maintained or increased for their particular pet project. What the Washington bureaucrat is finally being exposed to is justifying the value of their work. The American taxpayers are making a significant investment in the federal government and has every right to demand they are getting an acceptable return on that large investment.

    It is painfullly obvious that Washington DC is broken and that is why there is someone from outside the political establishment in the White House.

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