International Women’s Day

Let’s hear it for women, and in particular for women bloggers in the field of emergency management!  Come to think of it I cannot name any.  Got any names for me?

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6 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. Arnold Bogis says:

    Johanna Hanson, who blogs at: She doesn’t post often, but tends to write longer pieces. And she writes very well.

  2. recoverydiva says:

    Thanks. I hope to keep it up a while longer.

  3. plodinec says:

    Only you, Diva to the masses.

  4. Avagene Moore, CEM says:

    Diva, I don’t know of any other female bloggers in the field. Surely there is more than one! But if not, you are correctly titled – Disaster Diva! Keep up the good work!

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