Ignorance – of science and of history

In what is now a series of articles about why we are not making progress in the emergency preparedness field, I want to add ignorance. These days it stems from either failing to get the basic education or falling into the trap of fake news/conspiracy nonsense.

See this WashPost editorial: Anti-Semitism Was Just Part of the Problem. By way of explanation, this past week a member of the city council in Washington, DC managed to display his profound ignorance on several subjects, one of which was the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative. That is one of the premier programs sponsored by private funding to promote resilience to disasters.  I will not even comment on the anti-semitic nonsense he also spouted.

Also in the District of Columbia, at the White House, is an administration that denies climate change and global warming. And the President has failed to appoint a Science Advisor, after more than a year in office.

Folks, it is time to be more selective about those we vote into high office!

Update: See this article from the NYT on March 30: Actually, you can fix Stupid.



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