Examining the FL Building Code

From the Miami Herald: Florida’s building code is tough, but Michael was tougher. Is it time for a rewrite?

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Michael may have exposed a weak spot in Florida’s lauded statewide building code, among the strongest anywhere when it comes to windstorms: Across much of the Panhandle, the rules may not be tough enough.

That’s because the code’s requirements for wind resistance vary widely by location. And while they’re most rigorous in famously hurricane-prone South Florida, they taper down the farther north you move along the peninsula. In most of the Panhandle, the code requirements are significantly less stringent.


2 thoughts on “Examining the FL Building Code

  1. Can anyone prove to me (using historical scientific data) that hurricane’s have been getting worse over the past two decades ( lower pressure, higher winds, larger anything)?

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