Consequences of Federal Shutdown

Update on Jan. 5: Toll on Science and Research Mounts as Government Shutdown Continues

Here’s How the Government Shutdown Affects the Federal Emergency Management Agency

From the Wash Post: Consequences of the government shutdown strike the private sector.

As the partial government shutdown enters Day 14, its effects are starting to cascade far beyond the hulking agency buildings in Washington. Private companies with federal contracts are coping with chaos, confusion and uncertainty, while businesses large and small that rely on the operations of the vast federal bureaucracy are starting to feel sand in their gears.

From the NYTimes: Government Shutdown Leaves Workers Reeling: ‘We Seem to Be Pawns’

From a Harvard Law Professor: Trump’s Wall is Constitutionally Illegitimate.

No reading of our constitution would ever uphold the view that a president can stop the functioning of government, to insist upon a program unsupported by the public

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