San Francisco Mayor Orders Preparations for “the big one.”

From HSToday: Mayor Orders San Francisco to Prepare for the Big One: 72 Percent Chance Before 2043

According to a statement from the Office of Mayor London Breed, “It is estimated that San Francisco has a 72 percent chance of experiencing a 6.7 magnitude or greater earthquake before 2043.”

Breed says, “We know that the next major earthquake will hit at any time and every day we should be working to prepare for it,” announcing that she is ordering city organs to “make our buildings safer now, but also [create] a comprehensive plan” for recovery in the face of an eventual disaster.

1 thought on “San Francisco Mayor Orders Preparations for “the big one.”

  1. Yikes … that is a scary article … I thought the city would be doing “earthquake” related emergency management planning all along??

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