Serious Concerns about “Acting” Senior Federal Officials

Given the many vacancies at the top of the Dept. of Homeland Security presently, it is important to consider the points made in this article. From the Guardian: Donald Trump’s liking for ‘acting’ senior officials alarms experts and allies 

Experts said the lack of permanent appointments, especially among cabinet officials, leaves key government functions without a clear mandate and more vulnerable to outsize influence from the president.

“The impact of this lack of policy influence means, in practical terms, that policy decisions are devoid of a critical ingredient – whether career officials believe that an issue can be implemented in a particular manner,” said Joel Rubin, who served in Barack Obama’s administration as a deputy assistant secretary of state and is now the president of Washington Strategy Group.

“The result is that the policy leaders’ decisions on that issue are doomed to fail for lack of thorough vetting.”

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