President Worsens Conflict Over Disaster Relief Money for FL and PR

Presently, Congress is holding up disaster relief monies for several disasters.  The lengthy delay there is made worse by the President’s comments at a recent rally. From the Huff Post: Trump Pits Florida Against Puerto Rico Over Emergency Aid: ‘They Don’t Like Me’

The president told supporters at his rally that Puerto Rico received more hurricane disaster relief than states like Florida.

The Trump administration plans to provide 90% of federal emergency cleanup funds to the state of Florida to help with repair after Hurricane Michael struck last October, Trump said at his rally in Panama City Beach, Florida. Aware of complaints about a lack of disaster relief funding, the president blamed Democratic lawmakers and told his supporters, “You’re getting your money one way or the other.”

But the president was unable to announce his support for aid in Florida without once again demonizing the island of Puerto Rico, which continues to struggle after Hurricane Maria hit in 2017, causing an estimated 3,000 deaths.

Trump falsely claimed Wednesday that Puerto Rico “got $91 billion” in aid after Hurricane Maria in 2017 and complained that the island is asking for more money. He also said Puerto Rico received the largest amount of aid ever distributed, which is also false


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