How to Rebound After a Disaster

From the NYTimes: How to Rebound After a Disaster: Move, Don’t Rebuild, Research Suggests. “But a paper published Thursday in the journal Science makes a case that, sometimes, retreating from nature instead of fighting it can actually open up new opportunities for communities.”

Note that the paper cited is titled The Case for Strategic and Management Climate Retreat, which indicates the authors offer more suggestions rather than findings. The link is to a free download – read only version.

Update: here is another take on the paper, done by hswire: Governments Mull “Managed Retreat” of Coastal Towns Before Rising Seas Claim Them

More and more governments around the world are advised by experts to prepare to make a “managed retreat” from coasts as sea levels rise because of climate change. Scientists say that a decision to leave the coasts should not be “seen largely as a last resort, a failure to adapt, or a one-time emergency action.” Rather, it should be viewed as an opportunity to build better communities away from the rising waters.

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