1 thought on “Hotels as a Source of Temporary Housing

  1. Many of these hotels, especially the newer and larger ones are ADA-compliant. This allows more of the displaced population to find high-quality safe haven.

    There is also a trend in the emergency prep community for the political subdivisions to enter into MOA’s – Memorandum of Agreements (a quasi-contract) with their area hotels and motels. When rooms become vacant, the MOA allows for the room to be reserved for the emergency responder and the emergency support folks (think of out of state electricity companies’ field workers and their vehicles).

    Frequently enough, the hotel industry attends the emergency prep conferences. I was at a southeast regional FEMA disability conference, with key instructor, FEMA Deputy Marci Roth, and was at a table with some members of the hospitality industry.

    We are on the right path but much is determined by the lowest common denominator: education outside of the emergency and allied communities.

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