Another Resource for Temp Housing After a Disaster – Airbnb

Here is a brief description of what that firm has to offer:

The Airbnb Open Homes program connects people with a free place to stay when disasters strike and people are in need of temporary housing. Whether it’s neighbors evacuating or relief workers deployed to help, a home gives people much-needed space to figure out what’s next. Airbnb hosts can play an important role in their community’s response and recovery — just by offering their extra space. Since 2012, hosts have opened their doors to people affected by disasters all over the world. To learn more about the Airbnb Open Homes program visit

Thanks to Jono Anzalone for providing the information.

1 thought on “Another Resource for Temp Housing After a Disaster – Airbnb

  1. Airbnb is definitely part of the country’s disaster plan: the preparedness, the response and the recovery.

    I take special note, with appreciation, reading “or relief workers deployed to help,..”

    More appreciation – and value – reading of Airbnb’s “Reimbursement For Property Damage”. This “Host Guarantee” program is ideal for study by the editors of FEMA’s CERT Liability Guide.

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