Report on Stress in America

Although not exactly on the mark for the main theme of this blog, the Diva thought this article was worth considering. See:  2019 Report on Stress in America.

The American Psychological Association released “Stress in America 2019,” an annual survey detailing the prevalence and causes of stress across the country. This survey indicates three main issues of concern for the majority of Americans: the upcoming 2020 presidential election, health care, and mass shootings. Of these issues, mass A Women sits on the edge of a dock starring into the water.shootings were the most common stress source with 62 % of adults citing it as a stressor.

Also cited more frequently as stressors this year than the previous year are the issues of climate change/global warming, discrimination, terrorism, and sexual harassment. Although overall stress levels have remained relatively the same over the past year, 56% of Americans agree “this is the lowest point in the nation’s history that they remember.”

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