Puerto Rico Now Has a Recovery Czar

Almost a month ago the Diva did a posting about the possibility of a Recovery Czar for Puerto Rico. Readers provided comments and she backed away from the idea. Now, lo and behold, she reads that one has been appointed.

From GovTech see: Puerto Rico Recovery Czar Says Trump Is Committed to the Island. Puerto Rico is bouncing back but is still waiting for much of the aid it needs to finish repairing infrastructure and homes. Congress approved $48.5 billion for island recovery, but just $15 billion has been disbursed.

As the newly appointed White House special representative for Puerto Rico’s disaster recovery, Brown will have to navigate a quagmire of bureaucracy, local and national politics, and perceptions, fueled by his boss, President Donald Trump, that the island is hopelessly corrupt.

Speaking from Washington, D.C., last week, Brown said his goal is to speed up the post-disaster recovery while making sure funds are getting to the people who need help most.

The Diva would be interested in comments from those who recall experiences with the earlier efforts of recovery czars.

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