Effects of COVID-10 on Businesses

Here is an article from fellow blogger, EricHoldeman in the Seattle, WA area:
Opinion: Tough times ahead for Seattle-area businesses.  A key excerpt:

I am concerned that our existing national disaster response and recovery programs are not designed for a mega-event with the geographical distribution of this epidemic here in the United States. The programs are not scoped for this type of disaster that does not have physical damages, but more economic ones. Additionally, the number of people who administer disaster relief programs at the federal, state and local levels are relatively few in number. For example, the 2017 hurricane season, with three major hurricanes over a relatively small portion of the nation stretched the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the breaking point.

1 thought on “Effects of COVID-10 on Businesses

  1. I’ll go Eric one better. Our disaster response and recovery programs are not designed for this type of event at all. Example from January: sending scarce test kits to all states rather than concentrating on the need for them in hot spots. An even more gut-wrenching example: our leaders are facing the Hobson’s choice between the rapid deaths of the elderly (and a few of the young) if we don’t shut everything down OR the slow death of at least as many because of the economic damage. Personally, I’d prefer the quick death rather than the slow slide into hunger, then homelessness, then hopelessness until the end.

    Though not a fan of Mr Trump, as an American I hope that he can navigate our country safely between this modern version of Charybdis and Scylla. The longer things are shut down, the longer (and I”m afraid less likely) our complete recovery becomes.

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