Military Gets Criticized for COVID-19 Response

From HuffPost: The U.S. Military Hasn’t Faced A Threat Like Coronavirus In A Century.  Troops say commanders aren’t taking the pandemic seriously, and a former Army epidemiologist says the military has “done a poor job” responding to the crisis.

On Thursday, the military newspaper Task & Purpose — which has done excellent work documenting the coronavirus outbreak in the armed forces — obtained an alarming document sent by the Department of the Army at the Pentagon to all U.S. Army commands.

“Mitigation measures taken by the U.S. Army to blunt the spread of COVID-19 have proven insufficient,” the message read. “COVID-19 continues to spread geographically as the number of infected persons continues to rise.”

The document warned additional measures and actions needed to be taken to prevent the virus from spreading further, and instructed rapid response forces at bases in the U.S. and abroad to go into “Health Protection Condition Delta,” the highest level of alert.

The Diva has reported on several dimensions of this crisis and it seems no sector of society has distinguished itself with adequate planning and anticipatory actions.

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