New Report on Outbreaks from the NAS

New report from the National Academy of Sciences: Exploring Lessons Learned from a Century of Outbreaks; Readiness for 2030: Proceedings of a Workshop.

As is true of all NAS reports, you can download all or part of the book free from the NAS website.

The Diva has not had time to read this report, other than the introductory chapter; she invites a reader to do a review.

1 thought on “New Report on Outbreaks from the NAS

  1. Clair:

    I will attempt a review. The report is important and if ever the word “Timely” were to be used, this is one of them. The Report and topic deserves more than one reviewer. Therefore do let several be written.

    I will attempt to complete a review within 48 hours. When you read what I submit, you have the authority to reject it of course…topic too large for any one and I cannot at the outset know if I can complete the assignment to the standard required.

    I served on the Board of Save The Children USA and for 30-40 years engaged in global humanitarian assignments, so I am familiar with the scope of issues involved. The pandemic we are in is batting practice.

    Appreciating all you do.

    Don Watson

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