Ongoing Confusion re Federal Leadership

From CNN: ‘No one really knows who’s in charge’: States navigate federal agencies amid crisis

The wide range of officials and entities involved in the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has fueled confusion over who exactly is in charge of fulfilling the dire needs of hospitals nationwide — and how supplies in high demand will ultimately be distributed.

Nearly three weeks since taking over the federal operations response, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has enlisted help across agencies and industries to respond to an emergency of unprecedented magnitude. The vast scope of the response, as well as the involvement of the White House, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the Pentagon, has at times perplexed governors and lawmakers desperate for equipment for their states to treat coronavirus patients.

“FEMA is tasked with figuring out what areas need different resources. Is it FEMA? Is it the White House? Is it HHS?” a congressional aide told CNN. “No one really knows who’s in charge… who’s making decisions.”

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