Significant Analysis of the Defense Production Act

The Defense Production Act and the Failure to Prepare for Catastrophic Incidents.

“The executive branch’s ad-hoc application of the Defense Production Act’s authorities to this pandemic is Exhibit A of how our government, across multiple Republican and Democratic administrations and throughout the national security enterprise, has failed to develop or adapt the Act’s tools for the threats of the 21st century. This failure has occurred despite congressional attempts to improve realistic planning for using it in catastrophes.”

2 thoughts on “Significant Analysis of the Defense Production Act

  1. Based on the title, I was all set to knee-jerk against it. But it’s quite good. Unfortunately, the Act tasks bureaucracies with doing something that almost all of them don’t do well – stare into the abyss of the unknown. Bureaucracies by their very nature are set up to handle the “normal” tasks; asking them to deal with the abnormal goes against the grain, let alone asking them to think about how to get to a New Normal.

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