In Defense of Science and Dr. Bright

Update on May 9th: This actions has been reviewed by a court and it may recommend reinstating Dr. Bright.

While it is not the intent of this posting to take a political position on a current event, the Diva thinks it is worth sharing some observations of a recent author published here.

Readers may recall the recent review of an important new book from the National Academy of Sciences titled Exploring Lessons Learned from a Century of Outbreaks –  Readiness for 2030 : Proceedings of a Workshop (2019) , reviewed by Don Watson

Mr. Watson called to my attention the fact that in the review he had highlighted the work of Dr. Rick Bright, (now former) director of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the extensive briefing on the impact of infectious disease outbreaks across the world. Bright reviews the essential elements of effective pandemic preparedness and response: early detection, vaccination, behavioral countermeasures, and gaps in host-based treatment in which early detection. Watson wrote in the review that, [Bright] “…makes the point familiar to emergency managers experienced in natural disasters that, ‘a vaccine intervention alone would only slightly—and insufficiently—shift the epidemic curve. The combined effects of multiple interventions are what effectively suppress the epidemic curve.’”

In Watson’s opinion “Every elected official, health planner and pandemic responder, should read the publication. The last sentence especially should resonate across county and world. “

2 thoughts on “In Defense of Science and Dr. Bright

  1. When I saw your post “In Defense of Science and Dr. Bright”, I could not help but remember two brilliant medical research scientists, Dr. Jerome A. Donlon, former Chief Science Advisor at BARDA and Dr. Mildred A. Donlon, at DARPA. Both highly respected in their fields of expertise.

    Their extensive contributions and life long dedication to biological scientific research is significant and groundbreaking. I cannot even imagine where our nation would be right now without them.

    The knowledge of our scientific researchers, virologists, and our entire medical community must be respected, highly valued, and their guidelines followed in order to save countless lives.

    Although it is sadly coming up on the 11th anniversary of Jerry’s passing this October, I know Dr. Jerome A. Donlon, M.D.,Ph.D. is still fondly remembered at BARDA.

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