New GAO Report on DHS Contracting Problems

From HSToday: GAO Warns DHS on Contractor Oversight Failings.   An excerpt:

The watchdog’s review of waived procurement actions also found that the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer at DHS waived several Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) actions for disaster response activities and CBP actions for services at temporary soft-sided facilities used for holding detainees on the U.S.-Mexico border. Previous GAO reviews have found challenges in requirements development and acquisition planning for these types of contracts.

For example, in April 2019, GAO reported that contracting officers at FEMA were receiving requirements packages for disaster contracts that lacked technical specificity or had inaccurate estimates of the products and services needed. And earlier this year, GAO reported on acquisition planning, requirements development, and information sharing challenges with one of the waived procurement actions—a CBP delivery order for a soft-sided facility and services to hold and care for detainees—finding that these challenges led to CBP spending millions of dollars on services that were not ultimately needed.

The GAO report is here: DHS Service Contracts: Increased Oversight Needed to Reduce the Risk Associated with Contractors Performing Certain Functions. GAO-20-417: Published: May 7, 2020.

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