4 thoughts on “Experts Offer 7 Ideas on How to Beat Covid-19 and Save the Economy

  1. Last month I posted my then-current ideas on my blog, for anyone who is interested.
    I doubt that I’ll be asked to testify any time soon! I still believe it will take as many years to recover as the number of months we remain in lockdown. If I’m right, the coastal states are in for a long dark time. I fervently hope I’m wrong.

    In March, I unfortunately correctly predicted who would be most hurt – those working in labor-intensive, low wage businesses (restaurants, retail, repair and maintenance, and personal services), and especially young workers (32% unemployment). I didn’t foresee the number of education, health care and government workers who would be unemployed, but I anticipate/hope that almost all of those will be back at work by year’s end.

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