2 thoughts on “Why So Many Nursing Home Deaths?

  1. As an older American, I find this whitewashing highly offensive. In February, we already knew that the elderly and those with underlying health conditions were the most susceptible. The decisions taken by state governments was inexcusable. While the claim of concerns about hospital capacity might have been acceptable in early March, it certainly seems a copout when NYC had both the Navy’s hospital ship and the Javits Center available, but virtually unused.

    The claim that the lack of a national plan was a major determinant of the catastrophe is also a copout. When even someone like me – a poor dumb schlumpf who just follows the news – knows who is most vulnerable, one would think that a reasonably rational state or city public health official would be able to figure out the appropriate actions to take to protect them. Certainly, ill-prepared nursing homes bear a large share of responsibility for the deaths of their patients. However, the incompetence of those most responsible for protecting public health – state and city public health officials – should not be obfuscated in this way.

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