Record Grants from FEMA in 2020

From FedScoop: With a pandemic and hurricane season crushing FEMA, the agency could use some bots

The Federal Emergency Management Agency‘s various grant programs have made more awards more this year than the past 30 years combined, a top official says, and now the agency is considering how robotic process automation (RPA) bots could help improve the payment process.

4 thoughts on “Record Grants from FEMA in 2020

  1. BOTS won’t cut it. The Portal, the CRC a 4th Policy Guide with lots of false deadlines keeps making disaster recovery more expensive and much slower. Congressional intent to “save the federal gov’t $$” isn’t working. FEMA allowing its contractors to run up huge costs while dragging out approvals. #COVID19 questions from CRC prove their lack of knowledge much less expertise.

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