1 thought on “Is Federalism Up to the Challenge?

  1. The implied argument is to do away with our federal system and then … well, just wing it. Leave it up to our federal masters to figure it out. Sure, that’ll work. Just like our Covid-19 response.

    Two facts are seemingly ignored by the writer.
    1. People ARE voting with their feet. They’re leaving Blue states like Ca, NY and IL like never before.
    2. Problems are best solved by those closest to them. The states are much better able to judge what’s best for their citizens than bureaucrats in DC. That doesn’t mean that each state will accomplish this, only that there’s a better chance if the local context is understood. For example, lockdowns make much more sense for the hustle and bustle of densely populated areas than for sleepy towns and states out west.

    The Founding Fathers developed a federal system that tried to balance local and national authority. It has evolved to what we have today. Are beneficial changes desirable and possible? Certainly. But these should be done in a careful incremental manner. Revolutions seldom succeed, evolutions more rarely fail.

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