2 thoughts on “Why No Consensus Re Opening Schools?

  1. This has been a great opportunity for the youth to take a breath, ponder on what they’ve learned, and separate from so much propaganda, rhetoric, and pc discussions, resulting in so much disinformation become prevalent in many schools. It’s also been a great opportunity for parents to “watch” what is online, but also realize that they can probably do better at home, including their own real-life lessons and projects, providing skills and insights that their children may grow up with clarity, preparing for their futures. We have to realize we can do more on our own then waiting for someone else to explain. As a teacher, I always worked to get kids thinking for themselves, ask questions, be interested in their own learning, and dream of great futures.

  2. No consensus? Reason is simple; too many variables too dependent on local circumstances. Experts seem to be leaning toward “OPEN” – it’s best for the kids and the parents who work; teachers’ unions cite risk to teachers. Based on observed patterns of infection, virtually no risk for kids, very little to young and middle-aged teachers, BUT a great deal to older teachers.

    Personally, I’m in favor of reopening, but with appropriate PPE for teachers and students. Unfortunately, most schools don’t have sufficient PPE yet; unlikely to have enough for a while. Rather than consensus, we should (for once!) be striving to achieve the right balance for each community and leave the politics out of the decision.

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